About The Goat

Okay, so this is the weird bit. I’ve got to tell you about me, though probably the only people who are reading this are people that already know me. So how much to embellish, omit, or just plain lie about to make myself seem interesting.

I’m from South London born and raised, a city kid, an urban kid, a hip hop, and comic reading kid, a writer by inclination, and a film maker by choice. I’ve written novels, and interviewed alot of musicians, before writing articles about them.

I have many different pseudonyms, the one that I have stayed withthe longest is goatboy. I saw Bill Hicks with a friend in London at the Dominion Theatre in ’91 and split my sides laughing for an hour and a half, my sides hurt so much I thought I was going to die, or piss myself, whichever came first.

Here’s the clip,I have a goatee, and haven’t seen my upper lip since I was eighteen, the goatboy idea stuck with me.

Right now I’m travelling around the world, or the parts of it, I’ve always wanted to see, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, West Coast of the States, Vancouver, New York, West Indies, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and probably Laos.

I’m carrying a bike (genesis flyer, risers, double freewheel 17/19t on one side, 18t fixed on the other) and a laptop, as I’ve got a novel to finish writing. I’ll be away from old Lahndan town for about a year. And everyone keeps telling me I’ll be a changed man when I get back. I’m contrary so I’m not going to believe that till I see it.

So that’s all you get for the time being. This is me Jonas Goat, The Goatboy, The Blackfooted One, giving you the Two Fingers and signing off.

Be Well

  1. Hi,

    I have a couple of contacts out in Bangkok if you’re interested. Just how you like ’em. Wink, wink…

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