San Francisco vol1

In san fran, stateside, travelling on December 6, 2010 at 9:12 am

So I’m in San Francisco, but I’m not, I’m actually in the Bay Area, and as with LA, I’m starting to realise that everywhere in America wants to be its own autonomous entity. So San Francisco is just that bit over the water, and where I’m staying on the other side of the bay bridge is Berkeley, and beside Berkeley is Oakland. More than boroughs, or counties, these places exist as little fiefdom’s/cities within cities, and don’t you dare make the mistake of calling Berkeley/San Francisco or vice versa. I thought San Francisco included them, but I’m wrong, so very wrong, the Bay Area includes them all, and only the Bay Area.

So wake up early and head into San Francisco proper to drop off the car and with the bike sitting in the back, I’m ready to take a roll round the streets of san francisco and see what this hilly town is all about.

The Bay Bridge is a suspension bridge just like the golden gate, but grey with two levels, and partway along its length it sits atop an island in the bay. The bridge is the ugly brother to the golden gate, a transport route, no footpath here, just lines and lines of traffic, but I’m liking it for some strange reason, I spend a lot of time down in the part of town where the bridge looms overhead, sitting by the water and trying to figure out when the Giants have a home stand.

Drop the car off, let them check for damage, pull the bike out of the back and spend ten mins, probably less building it up again. I’m deep in hotel and hostel land, and there is many a lingering look as the bike is put together. I’ve already stripped away the pipe lagging and the cable ties, and shoved the handlebars back on, so its simple enough to put on pedals, raise saddle, shove on wheels and pump up, and I’m away. 

Riding along figuring out where everything is, spending time looking at my map, I start to plot where I am , and I start to admit that I’m starting to fall for the Bay Area.

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