mural alley

In artworld, san fran, stateside on December 6, 2010 at 12:21 pm

Murals are big in San Francisco, here, they caught the imagination, feasted on it and expanded. Supposedly there are almost 600 murals throughout San Francisco.

I didn’t get the chance to see a fraction of that, but I did see some along the celebrated alleys of Clarion and Balmy,  down in the Mission District, where walls on both sides are festooned with gloriously political designs and thought-provoking story images. These images are more political overt and heavy-handed with their messages/stories than the big pieces that impressed me so much back in Buenos Aires, but the lineage is clear, the sensibilities parallels obvious.  And I enjoy walking behind a tour guide from the Clarion Alley Project (CAMP) as he leads a group of kids through the symbolism and meaning of the artwork which spreads across the walls.

A rich heritage of mural painting in San Francisco, especially in the Mission District can be traced back through Diego Rivera and Los Tres Grandes, with a more openly political stance being taken up by the artists painting in Balmy Alley in the 70’s.

But words generally can’t do this sort of thing justice. So see for yourselves..

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