I Linus, I Linus

In all about the ride, bike, los angelenos, stateside on December 4, 2010 at 9:46 am

So I was riding around down in Venice Beach when I came across asome bikes lined up along the central shopping street, all the frames were set up as single speed or geared hubs, and they looked nice enough. So I popped down the alleyway and lo and behold, found a rather fetching little bike operation, Linus bikes.

Little did I know from speaking to the owner, who was south african or australian, memories a bit vague on that one, that I’d be seeing these bikes up and down the west coast and in new york as well. The simple utilitarian design seems to strike a chord with the cycling masses out here on the left coast, and imagine my delight when I saw the range of Brooks saddles and accessories, and the smiling faces of old cycling friends spread across the catalogues.

So as I do I talked bikes with the owner, discussed the desire for the female populace to have bikes in pink or pastel shades, and generally the state of cycling on the west coast. It was fun, think he’d do a good trade if he exported the bikes to the UK, though not sure he’d make enough money out of it, with the exchange rate and VAT and all..

link to website here

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