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The Fear:

So I fly into Vegas disgruntled at the baggage charge I’ve had to pay to ferry the bike there $125, and just plain discontented with us air who are worse than sleazyjet or ryanscaire. And I’m out of sorts from the off, I’ve got tickets to go to a club Tao or lavo or some combination of the two, but I can’t summon up the enthusiasm to do anything. So I cuddle up in bed, and fall asleep to the drama’s emanating from the USA network.

I’m up early the next morning to watch the world cup, watching brazil play Portugal and it’s a crushing disappointment. And now I’ve got no excuse not to head out into the sun and see all that Vegas has to offer, and as I’m quick to learn, if it’s not gambling, it’s not much at all.

Now I’ve had a hankering for the states since I was a wee ‘un, don’t know why, too many episodes of starsky and hutch and Hawaii five o, and streets of san francisco, and growing up listening to hip hop, but I’ve always knbown about and wanted to see the good ol’ US of A. And Vegas was high on the list, so coming here and being so goddamned disappointed in it, puts a big hole in my american view.

Vegas as I walk down the strip in the heat, which makes me drip, drip and drip more sweat is just one long casino. Now I’ve gone and made the mistake of booking a hotel/casino the Stratosphere right at the end of the strip, where its a good twenty/thirty min walk down to the place where it starts to get jumping, and even though I’ve bought the bike, its tires never taste the dust of the Vegas strip. I’m footing it back and forth, and the fear rides high in my gut.

Vegas is like an even more commercialised gambling version of Miami, without the beach. Vegas is about rolling with a crew, a massive, its a party town, and right now I’m in no mood to party. I have no idea why, I have no idea how to change it, so I mope about for a while, just gaping at the immensity of the casino’s, how much space they take up, how ornate and opulent they appear in this dusty space.

The strip is long and neon flooded and every time the lights come on its like a warped wonderland, but surprisingly empty, everyone’s inside hitting the tables, or the buffets. It’s well strange walking down  the strip whatever time of day it is looking for a restaurant, and then realising that there are none on the outside, you’ve got to head deep into the bowels of the casino’s to get to the food. Walking past the long lines of slot machines, one arm bandits, then the cheap roulette and craps tables, angling left and right looking for the restaurant that is marked in your time out guide, and then when you eventually find it, being underwhelmed by it and having to do the whole rigmarole again in a different casino, another walk away down the strip.

Vegas Baby!

Why is it  when hip hop dj’s wanna get a party started they head back into the creates for the big tunes, is it that hip hop/rnb from the early 90s is better than what is being produced now? Or is it that they adjust their playlist to the age of the crowd in front of them?

I’m opting for the former, they are the musical tracks, it’s like playing funk instead of 80s soul. One funny thing is that you can always  tell the American girls because they break buckwild to all the big hip hop rnb tunes that a dj lays down, singing every verse and shaking that ass! Everyone else who is European just look decidedly uncomfortable.

I discover all the above as I spend my first night out on the strip, walking along the cooler street, as the heat radiates from the concrete.  Taking photo’s of the neon, trying to figure out why this haven of hedonism isn’t hitting the spot? I still can’t figure it, so I just suffer it, and revel in the absurdity of the fantasy that Vegas is trying to create.

Oh one last thing, you know that cliché of the old person on the oxygen, fag in hand, still shoving coins into a slot machine. It’s not a cliché, saw one in this casino off the strip as I was looking for a decent burger place. Prunelike, hunched over the gambling goblin, illuminated by its spinning wheels, shoving coin after coin down it’s gaping maw. Fag letting ash drift absently onto her lap.

So seel below what I saw of Vegas, which to be honest isn’t that much…

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