In Braaaazil, Salvador, Sud America, travelling on November 5, 2010 at 1:45 pm

There is a feeling of lawlessness here in Salvador, much more than I felt in Argentina. Whether it’s the taxi drivers treating red lights as optional, or the persistent questioning of the down and out jewellery sellers, or the impassioned pleas of the little kids, it feels – not dangerous, just not as orderly I think.

The town itself, like my brief glimpse of brazil in foz da iguazcu, hints at a country more prosperous than Argentina, the roads are wider, better tarmaced, the buildings are bigger, the landscaping greener, the cars newer. The Brazilians despite the same sort of dictatorships and coups have managed to keep cleaning their house, to keep the infrastructure ticking over.

But I spent four days shuttling between the hostel and various doctors, and hospitals so I don’t have the widest view.

Last night went out to a capoeira performance and dance at a theatre down in pelourinho, the old town where your warned to take nothing but the money you need, and don’t wander off down the alleyways which line the squares. It’s all cobbled angled streets, with brightly coloured houses, 3/4 stories tall leaning inwards overhead. Music throbs from the shop and restaurant fronts, people in traditional dress try to drag you into their eateries, and I curse the fact I didn’t bring my camera. It is vibrant and loud and people still stare at me even here in brazil but it’s a shorter more appraising look, people also still think I’m American.

Look at some photographs of rio from the 50’s, compare prices on havaianas and try and drink the strongest caiparinha known to man. It’s a nice entre into Salvador and I’m happy to be out and about doing stuff.

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