Autumnal Saturdays

In Argentina, Buenos Aires, travelling on August 17, 2010 at 3:09 am

The sun shines down upon Buenos Aires and the Porteños are out in their droves in the main Parque. I sit on the 67 bus on my way to Palermo and headphones in enjoy the dappled play of the shadows that we cross over as the sun beats down. Traffic is bumper to bumper along this stretch of three lane highway and the driver is leaning on his horn long and irritably, wanting the traffic up ahead to move quicker.

I’m engrossed with the way the shadows fall from the trees that line the narrow roads we’ve just driven down, how they lengthen and stretch, the dark shapes cast by buildings and stationary cars and bushes, the fractal elements of it, the glare and shine of the sun that cuts through every so often. The warmness of sol’s glow, warming everything beneath its benevolent gaze. Love the way sun falls through the windows of the bus and how the darkness changes shape, sliding along in sweeps of radial movement.

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