Argentinian farewell

In Argentina, Braaaazil, travelling on August 17, 2010 at 3:20 am

I’m on yet another bus, but this one is different, this one is taking me not just out of buenos aires but also out of Argentina as I head to the falls at Iguazu.

I’m saddened, I’ve met many good people in Argentina and the good times I’ve had make me want to extend my time here. Buenos Aires has bewitched me with its shabby chic when it’s not being gorgeously chic, with its generosity and capacity to consume carne, helados, postres, vino tinto, and empanadas. God I’m going to miss the lazy afternoons in the sun, eating and drinking, the late nights and comatose mornings. I’m gonna miss the long straight avenues, the tree-lined side streets, sun dappled by their branches and leaves, gonna miss the roof top terrace at the Hostel Estoril, the hammock, the ornate Palacios across the road, the angled ride up Lavalle to Palermo. The two-inch thick meat cooked to medium perfection, the empanadas, god! The empanadas, the heady scent of illicitness wafting around me in clubs. The history immersed in tango and wine. The huge distances you have to travel by bus. The blueness and clearness of the sky. The juggling beggars at traffic lights, the colonial style architecture, the street art, the late night stumble from bar to bar, the scooter like battle for position by all traffic big and small, the live music on the corners of markets on the weekend, the choripan thick and juicy, the cheap but excellent wine, the laughs on the rooftop, the way Buenos Aries has bewitched me, like Screaming Jay Hawkins cackles it’s put a spell on me. And like many of those who I spoke to, joked with, drank with, I’ll be back. One way or another, and if any of Los Porteños need a bed to sleep on, a roof over their heads, and a companion to hang out with in London town, your always welcome at mine. It’s the least I can do for the generosity you showed me and i’d hope to make your stay in London as pleasant and fun-filled as mine was in Buenos Aires.

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