I’m back!!!

In travelling on August 16, 2010 at 9:45 pm

just like fast eddie in the colour of money, I’m Back!!! Except I don’t have a precocious, rebellious sidekick to knock into shape, unless the new laptop can be called a sidekick, I think of it as more of an accomplice. So right now its half five in NYC, and I’m sitting in a cafe, The Bean on 1st av and east 3rd st, in the lower east side, with a pint of cappuccino in front of me as well as a lemon iced cupcake the size of my fist, and out of ten people in here using their own laptops, including me eight are on apple mac’s. The apple shall inherit the earth. Or it’s deemed so freaking cool right now people feel alright about using them, without seeming to be geeks or freaks.

So this is the start or, the restart of something special. Hope you’ve missed me, because at last count I’d written 14k words and that’s without editing, adapting or adding anything to it. So look out, there will be a lot to read and see.

  1. Dead wrong: the ….um…wait…er…

    … You’re probably right again :-\

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