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Off the air!

In Sud America, travelling on May 27, 2010 at 2:29 pm

Since the hard drive debacle, I haven´t been using the laptop at all, trying to make sure I can get it to Miami and see if some computer bod there can retreive the images I wiped off and only backed upto said lost hard drive. So I´ve not been doing much posting, as I do like to put up a few photo´s with each post to show what and where i am. And if I did that I´d have to use precious hard drive space, thereby possibly writing over lost image information. So I´ve sat on my hands and done nothing, hoping this will mean the files are still saveable.

So take this as an apology, and a note that this here blog will probably not be updated until I get to Miami in the middle of June, when I will endeavour to bring you upto speed with the last of my argentinian adventures and the sweaty, humid times I´m having in Brazil.

be well, see you in June…