Back up, your back up

In travelling, Uncategorized on May 5, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Just had my first ARGGHHHHH!!!!! SHITTT!!!!! Moment of my travels.

I’ve somehow, stupidly, idiotically managed to lose my external hard drive, the one that had all of my tv shows, movies, photo’s and research  for the novel, articles that I spent forever scanning in, in Australia, at the hostel in Bariloche.

What makes it worse is its taken me two weeks to discover this fact.

So all the photo’s from Japan are gone! Which is heartbreaking because not even a fraction are up on the blog, or on flickr, and I’m realising that as I go on, more and more of my memories are connected to the photo’s I’ve taken and the memories they shake loose. I was going to buy one of those big lcd usb photo frame things, and just have the photo’s on a loop, late at night in the corner of a room. So they would always be on show, a permanent record, reminder of where I’ve been and what I’ve done, and now for Japan at least thats never going to happen.

All the articles I lugged to Australia and then spent long days scanning are gone!

The backbone of the research for the novel are gone!

Its fucking me right off. I’m in no mood to do anything except sulk around the hostel. My brain a trying to figure out how I could leave the precious thing behind, and b trying to figure out a recovery plan. To be honest the only things I’m fucked off about losing are the novel research and the photo’s and I didn’t have them backed up at all. So I’m royally screwed. Its pissing on my day.

Want to go and cry.

You lose things when you travel, I was kinda prepared for that, I’ve already lost a couple of items of clothing, but this is the most serious, and there’s no way to replace what it contained.

So I’ll be uying a couple of SD cards, and a large usb drive and will be backing up, everything to tthe usb drive, and not deleting any photo’s off the sd cards, ever. You can’t be too careful.

I wish I’d been more so when I was in Bariloche…

I want to rail against the bastards, that never turned it back in to the hostel folk, when they saw I’d left it in the dorm, I want to rail against the shitty fucking laptop I’m writing this on with its puny 40gb hard drive, that forced me to delete stuff off it, to make space for more, I want to go back in time and check I’ve got everything before I leave Bariloche. I want to punch myself hard in the face many times, for being so stupid as to leave it behind, and not check, check and check again.

But I’m just going to drink myself into a stupor on the bus to buenos aires and remind myself to be much much much more careful in the future and make sure I’ve got back ups, for my back ups.

  1. Shit, that is a tough break. But if it’s any cheer, you’re not the only one: T.E. Lawrence left and lost the first draft of his book, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, on a train in Reading… It went on, of course, to be a best selling classic.

    • I doubt the same fate will befall my images. Someone will just wipe everything that isn’t films and dump their stuff onto it instead. I’m starting to come to terms with it, then I realise what else I had on their that I need. FARRRRRCKKKKKK!

  2. Aaargh, Corny, I’m so sorry! This seriously sucks. Mine was stolen out of my suitcase in Guarulos Airport in Brazil. It was a serious blow. I feel your pain, man. Hugs from London!

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