Boutique bars: Overrated

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2010 at 3:59 pm

In a bar called isabels, on Thames, lovely decor, mirrored unisex toilets, gorgeous spotlit ceiling, but you have to buy 120 pesos worth of chips to buy drinks two will get you a cocktail to put this into perspective eight peseos will get you a litre bottle of beer from the maxikiosco. So drinks are expensivvve. And I’m gonna get my moneys worth.
But as I said in the title boutique bars are overrated full of high maintenance chica’s and man candy with too much money and not enough sense paying for a slice of exclusivity that lacks atmosphere and is nice to be in. Give me a sweatbox of a bar with a crowd that’s having it rather than this any day. But this is a side of Buenos Aires I haven’t seen so i’m grateful to see it so I can dismiss it and not have to see it again.
It’s an upmarket meat market, for the rich and famous?! Full of people more interested in talking and telling you how great they are than having any real substance. And their caiphrinha’s don’t even come with crushed ice. Cocktail fail to the nth degree…
Plus I didn’t come here to buy pretty girls drinks, this is the 21st century you should be buying me drinks, plus if all you can play is eighties pop, you definitely need to check yourself before you wiggedy wreck yourself…

  1. yeh, that sounds horrid. love it when yr grumpy zen boy! hehe!

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