Bs As Night numero dos

In Argentina, Buenos Aires, eat drink man woman, Sud America on April 20, 2010 at 3:10 pm

I love meat! Have been just to bursting with chicken, sausage and steak at the hostel weekly BBQ. I’m liking this city and their take on eating more and more. Going to be having lunch with another London bod and doing cultural art gallery type things. But the meat on meat on meat plus salad both leafy and egg, make me happy, my belly is round I’ve just drunk a litre of beer and am now listening to an Argentinian singer, barbara barale, she plays guitar and the harmonica every so often and the English guy next to me is in love with her, she is his perfect woman, up on the roof of the hostel, the full moon overhead and the spires and domes that make up the skyline in this part of town lit up against the night sky. Making me think of north African cities and the call to prayer wandering out all over you.

Barbara’s okay her guitar playing is a bit shaky, and shes singing in castellano which i dont understand,  and has some strange echo/reverb on her voice which I’m not feeling, and as many of you know i find fey singer songwriters kinda hard to get my head round, but it just tops off a night of concentrated carnivorous action which has my stomach distended and a slothful identity bestowed upon me. I’m finding her songs palatable because the night has been good to and I can’t be churlish right now.

Wonder if I stayed for a couple of nights in the best hostel in London town whether I would have as good a time as I’m having here and the other hostels I’ve stayed in which have cared about their patrons.

Red lights wink on rooftops, pylons, aerials, towers, all around, clouds lit by the light source just out of sight behind that wall. The wind is soft and cool up here on the rock, ruffling hair and complementing the wistful barbara’s songs. There are swinging hammock chairs which I want to sit in and to rock myself off to a deep slumber. If I haven’t said this before I love being in hot countries, love the feeling of the cool night after a hot day, the chilling of your being as the sun sets. The lethargy and langour that comes from being hot, then warm, then cool. As kevin says i’d love it if I was living somewhere warm

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