Truman beach

In Kiwi, travelling on April 18, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Standing on the pebbles which form Truman’s beach, just a kilometre or two away from Punakaiki i am utterly and totally amazed by the beauty that is set out before me. I was struck dumb yesterday on the drive down from Picton. New Zealand may have one tenth the population of England but it has nine tenths of the beauty. The ruggedness of it, defies description, at least by me. I spent the whole journey trying to take photos whilst driving to record what I was seeing, then wanting to pull over at every scenic spot to take some shots. But if I’d have done that I wouldn’t have got to my destination until gone nine at night.

I don’t have the words to describe what I’ve seen of New Zealand it goes beyond picturesque, beyond beautiful, beyond breath taking, awe inspiring, it just is so magnificently gorgeous, not just one part but around every bend in the road, every ascent up a mount, every descent into a valley, every river you cross over there is something more stunning and affecting.

As I drive down the coast road there is a miasma of fog and spray generated by the incoming waves, a misty sheen blurs everything, turning everything into soft focus, Vaseline at the edges, the roar of the ocean, the tang of salt water, the whitecaps of the waves as they fold over themselves as they reach the beach and roll agonisingly close to your feet, which dig a little deeper into the shingle beach.

I’m staying in Te Nikau retreat which sits in a bit of rainforest, thick foliage right in front of the door, the kitchen is an angled atrium off the side of the dorm with a large herb garden planted under the awnings with you. Truman beach is an eight min walk through dense undergrowth, it is wilderness, it is New Zealand, just one more beautiful spot in a cavalcade of beautiful spots.

I do believe that New Zealand is the most beautiful place I have ever seen with my own eyes.

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