Spotted Down Under

In bike, ozstraylia, travelling on April 18, 2010 at 2:39 pm

If you don’t like photo’s of bikes you may want to skip this post. As below is pretty much all the bikes I saw in Australia, in the lovely cities of Melbourne and Sydney, which I felt the need to photograph because they were lovely, interesting, or just plain weird.

These are the gaudy and the shiny, the workhouses, and ratbikes, the Sunday best and the beaters. These are the bikes that caughtg my eye down under. The fixed thing is getting bigger here, as long as they can keep from getting lumped in with those lycra wearing weekend road warriors, riding fixed is an everyday thing, a way of life, not a lifestyle choice. And long may that attitude continue. All that is required is a few more fixed specific shops.

So I present for your viewing pleasure Spotted Down Under. There’s probably some reposts from previous posts, but as the man dem say, the bikes so nice, me haf to show it to you twice…

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