Rain rain go away

In Kiwi, travelling on April 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm

It is now half ten in franz josef and it has been raining since I walked away from the glacier at six. And it’s biblical amounts of rain, just big fat drops, falling heavily from the sky. Sometimes it’s light a thin drizzle, more often than not it’s a weighty mass of water, pummelling the windows, roof, your hood if youre unlucky enough to be caught out in it. So the cards come out, as do the books, laptops and the old DVD films on the communal big screen tv.

Didn’t sleep particularly well last night, was awake and I think asleep throughout, kept looking at my watch, sometimes it was two thirty, then four, then five, then seven and time to wake up. So feel drowzy now but don’t want to go to bed.

Internet connection here is an extortinate $2 for twenty mins, fuck that for a game of horses, walked down to the Internet cafe that is made out of an old bus and got two and a half hours for just over six bucks.

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