Sunday Arvo Ride

In all about the ride, bike, ozstraylia on April 14, 2010 at 12:20 am

So its Sunday afternoon. I am bound and determined to go on this ride. Before I left Melbourne I signed upto the Australian fixed forum, and put my name down the three regular weekly rides that happened in Sydney, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights, apprehensive, but you know why bring a bike if your not going to ride it.

after a massive fail on my part I missed the Saturday morning ride. The hostel I’m staying in has a large rear garden, with a lockable gate, which we the hostel occupants don’t have access to after 10pm, and it isn’t opened again until 9am, when the day shift start. I return from wherever I’ve been, lock up bike out back, set alarm and put my head down, and head off to the land of nod. Alarm goes, its six am, the ride starts at 7am, but want to make sure I get there on time. I wake up, start putting on my clothes. Then remember I can’t get to the bike to 9am. I take off clothes and go back to sleep.

So the Sunday edition rolls around and I’m not going to miss it.

The meet is at Martin’s Place and I don’t know what to expect, I’ve seen a couple of fixed riders around town, but not many so I’m unsure of the numbers that will be gathering, but when I arrive, there is a whirl of riders milling around waiting, sitting on steps, pulling tricks and generally hanging out until the off.

I introduce myself and take some photo’s.

Then we are off and riding, everyone is faster then me (what else is new) and I huff and puff, trying to jump on a wheel inbetween when the pace slows I talk to several of the boys. We ride out to the sight of an old velodrome, and as I swap out a flat front wheel, a splinter group of guys rides the old disused course.

We head back into town and into a headwind, the return is relatively flat, but I’ve not eaten and I’m flagging at this point. I lose the main group, and toil along alone, until I manage to flag down another rider who leads me to where the rest of the pack has finished up. Eating World, a food court on Dixon St round the back of Sydney’s Chinatown. Twelve to Thirteen eateries, Cantonese, Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, and nothing more than ten Australian dollars. And just what my stomach needed after that ride. Each one, has an illuminated board behind the counter, with pictures of each dish that they serve. Its great, and I love it. It is my new favourite eaterie.

Then its off to Mr B’s a drinking place round the way, where we sit and drink, and its like I’m back in London, hanging out with the forum bods after a ride. Good times.

Find route map below, it should link to the interactive map, and photo’s below that.

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