Sitting in rakino’s

In Kiwi, out and about, travelling on April 14, 2010 at 3:39 am

Fortuitously have found a lovely bar called Rakino’s whose address on their flyer is upstairs on high…

I think this is now the highest accolade I can give to a bar is that it feels like a Melbourne bar, cosy and distinctive, and idiosyncratic, and as individual as you or me, it doesn’t hurt it that it’s played nothing but good tunes since I’ve been here without a Dj in sight, and they have a night labelling itself the funk affair, as well as one called platform biz which has j dilla as it’s poster child.

At the heart of it is a long elliptical bar, coffee machine at one end, circular stand for the spirits behind the bar at the other, Chesterfields are dotted around, as are various palms and large ferns, lighting is low and intimate, and a wide balcony looks out onto a fountain set in the center of curved circular open space.

First impressions of Auckland and bear in mind I’m tired, didn’t get much sleep last night, had to be up early for the shuttle bus from the hostel, which spectacularly failed to be on time, leaving me waiting for another twenty five mins for the next one, and the controller saying he didn’t want to have an argument with me. Can someone have an argument when they are in the wrong and don’t have a leg to stand on? And I wasn’t arguing I was putting out there the fact that no shuttle bus showed up as I’d been waiting out in front of the hostel ten mins before required as the bus hadn’t come to pick up Erin the day before and I wanted to make sure I was there if it did roll up early and then speed away.

The nights sleep was spectacularly unrestful, it felt like I was awake for all of it, even though I was asleep. Not what you need before you head out to a new country. Did manage to have a shower this time round so didn’t honk of sweat and fermented alcohol.

From what I can see Auckland is the smallest and quietest capital city I’ve ever known, walking down queen st on Tuesday night and the streets are practically empty, whaddup with that. It’s night and there are steep hills all around, Auckland’s a tinier version of Sydney. Can’t people just build on flat bits of land ferfuckssakes.

Should be interesting tomorrow, footing it tonight, the town didn’t seem big enough on the map to bother with breaking out the bike, so I left it all bagged and packaged up in my windowless dorm room and headed out before I succumbed to sleep and slept this first night away.

Read the latest of Cog magazine on the flight over, it was good, interesting, gave me some interesting people to possibly contact when I hit the states, need to hit the streets and ride with as many people as possible. Thanks to Kat at sable and argent in Sydney for the magazine as well.

For some reason as sleepy and empty as Auckland is, I’ve already found two or three nice spots, I may have found all the good ones early, but there is something quite endearing about this place, the compactness, the narrow streets, the hills. I think I want a city as bustling and big as London or Tokyo with that intimate lanes of discovery of places like Melbourne or Berlin, where something surprising is around every corner or in every doorway. But this is something that needs to be legislated in, laws need to be freed up so that these places can flourish, and London will never fall hard enough or far enough for that to happen I’m afraid

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