Sydney nightlife

In ozstraylia, travelling on April 11, 2010 at 8:43 pm

Being out in kings cross in Sydney is like being out in soho, it’s a place where out of towners come to have a good time, because they’ve been told this is the place to come, but the strip is full of casualties and fisher price my first club night, colt like girls in short skirts and too tall heels they can’t quite walk in, dancing “sexy” but not sure why or how to handle the reaction it will create, even those with their wrinkled elbows and time marching against them.

Add mothers teaching their sons to dance to the list of things that parents need to teach their kids alongside, mothers knowing how to play football, teaching their daughters how to walk in heels, dads knowing how to comb and braid hair, and some other stuff which I’ve forgotten..

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