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Sydney nightlife

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Being out in kings cross in Sydney is like being out in soho, it’s a place where out of towners come to have a good time, because they’ve been told this is the place to come, but the strip is full of casualties and fisher price my first club night, colt like girls in short skirts and too tall heels they can’t quite walk in, dancing “sexy” but not sure why or how to handle the reaction it will create, even those with their wrinkled elbows and time marching against them.

Add mothers teaching their sons to dance to the list of things that parents need to teach their kids alongside, mothers knowing how to play football, teaching their daughters how to walk in heels, dads knowing how to comb and braid hair, and some other stuff which I’ve forgotten..

Bondi skate park

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It’s close to five in the afternoon, sun beats down on the back of my neck, big clock on bondi pavillion says it’s 22 degrees it feels hotter, just huffed and puffed along the new south head over to bucolic watson’s bay, stephen king would have felt at home there, very new england quaker feel to it, then along the old south head to bondi.

The skate park is filled with boys of all ages 30-13, rolling the same line, attempting the same trick over and over till it’s nailed not once or twice but every time. Tattoos on forearms, headphones in ears, curly hair escaping caps and helmets, barefeet pushing across hot concrete, bailing out a leap too far, jumping out of the park, knees pumping as they ride the humps and dips, waiting their turn in line to roll down and in. Braces slurring speech, enthusiasm overcoming common sense, frustration rising as runs are spoiled and aborted, encouragement given to the little ones as they attempt the basics.

No music just the patter of trainer on concrete and then the grumble grind of the small wheels rolling,

Two girls finding space and time amongst the boys to drop in, knees padded, helmets on, concentrating hard on their movement, the board beneath their feet, learning the how’s and why’s and the dynamics of the park, fathers standing in the back with little brother offering words of support when required.

I leave and go and lie in the sun

The iPhone lives

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Just got the iPhone back healthy and working after a couple of days when the home button stopped working, first it would work intermittently, then you’d have to push it several times to get it to do anything, then it just stopped doing anything.

Read up on t’internet that it may have been dust and dirt clogging up the connection, so bought some compressed air and squeezed and squeezed and let it huff and puff, in and around the home button, but to no avail.

Went to Sydney apple store where it was going to cost me $249, wept at the total and utter vertical integration of the apple sales model, whereby they would have just given me a reconditioned ones, so I would have had none of my info and a  phone which was clean or not as someone else would have been doping all sorts of incomprehensible stuff to it. How is that a repair?

I then remembered I’d passed a reseller down by the university, maybe they did cheaper repairs, they didn’t but they knew someone who did. Five or six doors down, a hundred bucks and an hour or so later and iPhone is back in the groove and I can record my thoughts of Sydney and the rest of my travels for you to enjoy, or skim read and enjoy the pictures.