Wifi or lack thereof

In ozstraylia, travelling on April 2, 2010 at 6:28 pm

I am officially fucked off with the lack of free wi-fi in bars and cafes here in Melbourne, and Sydney and New Zealand, motherfuckers making you pay through the nose, even though its your only contact with the outside world, your friends, your family, the life you left behind to travel and see whats out there. Establishments if you have it let the people use it, and if you don’t want people to enquire about it don’t name it after your business for fuckssakes. Starbucks and micky d’s here we come….

I’ve only just come to realise how much the internet is contributing to me not being homesick, and when it disappears or you have to pay for it, or ration it, it is real hard…

Those little trickles of information, keep you from sliding off into meloncholia, when the travelling stops, and you’ve seen your sights for the day, your mind wanders back to the things you’ve left behind, the people you’ve left behind, and having to go and pay to find out that information when your on the road, makes you miss them even more, since the interaction is confined to 15/30/45/60 min slices.

And for those that have issues with the book of face, peoples witty, mundance, scatalogical, boring, furious, musical status updates keep me connected, as I run untethered through the puddles of the world.

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