Section Eight

In ozstraylia, tunnnneeeee! on April 2, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I’m in the container bar that is section eight, tattersalls lane, off little bourke st and it’s half three in the afternoon and the house music is already booming out of the speakers, I do have to say its not annoying or unpleasant four to the floor, it is quite nice actually, spacious basslines, little fills of snares and melodic overlays, but I wonder where else do they have to (musically) go from here. It feels like they’ve pulled the pin and just thought fuck it! Let’s hav it! Only time will tell if that proves to be a wise policy and I’ll probably not be here to see it, so really who cares. But if the best reaction you get is the rhythmic shrug of shoulders, tapping of feet, the two footed knee dip, and the odd autistic head nod will the dj’s feel they’ve failed? On a side note really hating hard on those bullshit roman sandals which are all about over here, I would try to describe them but I’m looking around and there are so many variations I’ve opted for the indiscriminate nuclear option and am hating all of them. Think positive thoughts, and breathe… This is your aggrieved reporter, speaking to you from thirty five degree Melbourne, in the midst of an avalanche of sandal type wearing, back to you in the studio….

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