In ozstraylia, Uncategorized on April 2, 2010 at 6:11 pm

Australians do that rumpled, crumpled, worn this vest, shorts, cut off jeans a day too long look really well. Every so often you see someone who verges on being dirty, unkempt, grimy, but they seem okay with it. I put it down to the heat and the sweat and the Protestant work ethic, rather than have a siesta, let’s just continue to keep working thru the middle of the day. Beach culture is an excuse to wear less culture, which I’m not adverse to, but it does result in some interesting looks on the high street with the desire to show as much flesh as possible to make sure you look tanned (don’t believe the Aussies who trot out that old chestnut that brits go mad for a bit of sun, they are out with their limbs exposed to the sun just as quickly as soon as mr sun puts in an appearance, they just get to do it more often) and to try and keep cool, let their sweat hit thin air rather than dampening their clothes.

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