Doing wrong

In all about the ride, bike, ozstraylia, Uncategorized on March 28, 2010 at 4:01 am

Okay so I’ll admit it right at the start I was in the wrong, rolling the wrong way up a one way st, Flinders lane so I can turn right onto Swanston st and finally go and see this Ron Mueck exhibition I’d been supposed to be seeing for weeks.

So I hear the shout look around bemused and two coppers, holding their armoured vests on the kerb are telling me I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing, okay! I stop bike get off it, and they continue to tell me that I’m in the wrong, I don’t say much at all, just stare at them and nod occasionally, thinking say little, agree with them and I won’t get a ticket or a fine.

Now this is the bit that bemuses me, are all police officers across the world sent to a course whereby they speak to adults as if they were children or just the Aussie ones? I’m wondering whether it was because I’m black or am  I reading too much into it. Do coppers affect the same tone back home?

I’ve realized in situations like these in the past, the less you say, and the more you agree the higher the likelihood of not being punished becomes, this does not mean that I am a moron who can’t comprehend what you are saying. It was almost on the verge of if they don’t understand say it slower and louder.

Meh. Hope all my interactions with coppers on this trip are as meaningless.

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