Chinese New Year Melbourne

In out and about, ozstraylia, travelling on March 28, 2010 at 2:21 am

The thunderous rattle of firecrackers, spitting and crackling away as the lion dancers wheel and turn in front of the shop entrance and the drums beat harder and faster building to a crescendo as the fireworks hit the looped mass at the top and the noise increases exponentially and the fingers you thought about sticking in your ears to block out some of the noise, you definitely plug in now.

They firecrackers sound like rain on a tin roof, tapping out a relentless rhythm, that echoes around you.

And the ceremony goes on, as the sun curves overhead the long street of restaurants is visited by the lion and the fireworks all blend into one.

Sitting eating fried dumplings facing the street watching the teams of Chinese societies march up and down, technicolor lion at the front, drummer hauled along on a carriage and the flag bearers of all nationalities at the rear, waiting for the crackle and rattle of the fireworks to begin again, flooding the sun drenched street with grey sulphurous smoke…

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