Apologies for the interruption

In travelling on March 21, 2010 at 6:50 am

Hey big people, I’m now in New Zealand, about to make the drive down along the west coast of the South Island to Queenstown, via Punakaiki and Franz Josef. Got three days to do it and after driving from Auckland to Wellington, I’ve no doubt the scenery, views, vistas will be jaw dropping.

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, my ability to get hold of some quality broadband access for the amount of time I nee,d to upload photo’s to the blog and flickr is being seriously compromised as I travel and so the posts have stopped, dead in their tracks actually, and not even that stylishly either. I’ve been writing stuff down, so never fear I have recorded my thoughts on all that has happened, since the last bits I posted.

So as soon as I can I’ll be posting up the last memories of Melbourne, the ten day tour of Sydney, which is hilly as, and was made more pleasant by having a partner in riding crime for the last weekend, plus my limited experience of the difference between Oz and Kiwi land.

I’m enjoying myself immensely, and I am getting fairly excited about heading to Argentina, though nervous as my spanish is still non existent.

Anyway got to go catch some sleep, before the 8 o clock ferry. Three hours rocking back and forth, looking for iceberg. Maybe, fingers crossed they might even have wi-fi on it. I’m not holding my breath but it’d be nice if they did.

Be well and keep cycling…

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