Where have all the house parties gone???

In out and about, ozstraylia, tunnnneeeee! on February 22, 2010 at 8:44 am

Never believe when someone tells you there’s a slamming house party later, after really good club/festival/lane party which you’ve been too during the evening, the ensuing after party is inevitably a let down. Then you get into the thorny issue of when to leave, because the people who invited you haven’t even rolled up yet!

Bail and go home or bail and go someplace else these are questions that need answering….

I think I was spoiled by house parties when I was younger the effort that went into sorting out decks, dj’s, a pa, nobody bothers with that shit anymore it’s just an iPod attached to a speaker and some really random tunes which no one dances to but provides an atmosphere that the party itself lacks. I prefer the old school version less talking more big tunes coming, more people dancing why have a party otherwise because the conversations kinda banal and shit ain’t gonna change, but through the redemptive power of dance and sweat and exertion we are purged of our sins….

And we allow space for joy to uplift us.

Believe when I get back to London, I will host an old school house party, decks, big speakers and some moody bod to man the bar nee kitchen area, plastic cups for everybody and one rum and coke to last you the night.

Obviously this will be done before I get all of my shit out of storage…

And you are obviously all cordially invited, just as long as you don’t start asking for bullshit tunes…

  1. Could you give a good set list. Say 10 tunes to get the party started?

    • Okay, I’m pretty sure these won’t mix, and in no particular order, from my favourites box, you can have:

      Rock Creek Park – blackbyrds
      No Diggity – blackstreet
      hip hop – dead prez
      the grunt pts 1&2 – the jb’s
      boom klicky boom klack (that’s what we do) – jazzanova f. shaun escoffery
      aledia de ogum – joyce
      got to give it up (long version) – marvin gaye
      fool’s paradise – melissa morgan
      apache – bongo rock orchestra
      joyous – pleasure
      sing a simple song – sly and the family stone
      a bit patchy – switch
      theme de yoyo – art ensemble of chicago
      sabotage – beastie boys
      wrath of kane – big daddy kane
      don’t scandalize mine – suga bear
      greedy g – brentford all stars
      welcome to jamrock – damiam “jr gong” marley
      sound of da police – krs one

      that would get my party going can tell you

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