The Anchor

In bike, japan, ozstraylia on February 22, 2010 at 8:22 am

David’s bridgestone Anchor is lovely. See pic for the full gorgeousness, not sure whether it’s the aerospoke or the pristine paintjob(got to be the aerospoke) that is garnering envious glances wherever it goes. I understand why people build up the really bright bikes, why people lust after aerospokes, there is something inherently cool with them. I suddenly discovered a hankering for a Spinergy Rev X, which I want to roll along on, and now I wish I’d bought a sexier bike with me, something that will provoke gasps and pointed fingers and double takes as the bridgestone does. But alas I’ve only got the traveling bike which is built for comfort and solidity, rather than drop dead gorgeousness. But I have stickered it up since last you saw it, so it is moving closer to being hipper than it was.

On a bike related note, bought a couple of good luck charms, when I was out at the golden pavilion in Kyoto (see attached picture), the blue one is good luck, and the purple one is road safety, shintoism is nothing if not a pragmatic religion, and I’m like what the hey every little helps, I’ll be on the road for a year so someone/thing looking down and possibly giving me a bit of protection can’t be all bad. Anyway I tie them onto the seat rails and head out into Tokyo. And what do you know, the road safety one doesn’t even last the day. I’m working under the thoughts that, obviously I don’t need it, which is why it didn’t hold on for very long..

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