Melbourne 1st night out

In out and about, ozstraylia, travelling on February 22, 2010 at 8:24 am

So whilst I sit with a chilled bottle of cider and some duck wantons in the late afternoon sun in Melbourne outside a chi chi eatery on Brunswick st, I’ve got to tell you what happened last night before I forget.

So David, who I’m here to see and who I’m staying with, and my good self, after he’s put the kids to bed head out into the Melbourne night to visit a couple of bars, it’s my second night in Melbourne and I’m eager to see what this city has to offer, now the grey skies have dissipated and the rain has stopped.

We can’t find the first bar, we end up on a short residential street where no bar has ever opened it’s doors. We find the Aviary which is nice, will go back there, the DJ played a loose end tunes which I haven’t heard for years which was good enough for me. We drink a couple than roll slowly down to the Gin Palace which is in the CBD (central business district) to meet Tim from the forum whose back home for a couple of days before he and his girlfriend go on a road trip to Sydney. We end up drinking a couple there, and chatting shit as you do with Tim’s friends and a stranger who wants to sit with us whilst he waits 20moms for his friends to arrive and an hour and a half later is still waiting whilst finishing the dregs of a bottle of champagne he bought for the table.

We bail because David’s got to be up early to get the kids to circus school in Prahran ( pronounced parahnnn) anyway we turn left onto a main street to cross a bridge an are confronted with several cop cars parked along the road and the jetsam and flotsam of a Friday nights drinking in Melbourne waiting for transportation. There are cars and buses double parked in both directions and one free lane to get through.

I can see a car desperately edging forward out from behind a bus into the one clear lane but that doesn’t bother me, I’m on a bike I can squeeze past anything. So I ride down the center of the lane and so does he, we meet predictably in the centre and the young Asian/oriental driver starts gesturing at me i look hard at him, he edges forwards like he wants to run me off the road, I stand my ground, he gets more agitated, and makes to get out of the car I’m on a bike so I move round and past his car to the left because I can I’m on a bike no gap too small, no lane too big as I’m about ten feet past he actually is now out of the car ad shouting at me in heavily accented English, about how I shouldn’t be on the road, how I should make space for him, I know I shouldn’t but I start laughing at his accent – to be clear I only speak English and some would say badly at that and his English was better than any of my attempts to speak any other language. David rolls in because he’s got my back and he senses a fight in the air, but I can’t take Asian one seriously so continue to laugh, his friend is now out of the car and is trying to get me to leave, and calm the situation down, whilst also trying to intimidate me, neither of them reaches to my shoulder. I do not feel intimidated and I’m not going to fight them, and I still find it hilarious. Asian guys accent makes me think he’s had one too many and I point at David to leave, we pedal off and still laughing at what’s just happened I miss the tram tracks and as my wheel gets caught in it, I eat asphalt before I know what’s happened. The fall makes me laugh even harder as I check my extremities and realize I’ve suffered a grazed knee and scrapped elbow. As passersby come and offer assistance I wave them off laughing all the time at my accident being caused by the Asian guy and his anger at the effrontery of me on my bike being on his road. I laugh all the way back to south Melbourne.

I can’t stop laughing even when I’m hackin up my lungs coughing from the bout of bronchitis that I suffered in Tokyo and am only just getting over.

And I can’t stop laughing as I type this on my iPhone even as the other diners stare at me…..

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