Lane Party @ St Ali’s

In bike, ozstraylia on February 22, 2010 at 8:41 am

So David’s Bridgestone is banging and whilst out on it (don’t get any ideas its too small for me and I was out trying to get the front brake lever sorted so we could put on the clamp on front brake) I came across a Lane Party down on Yarra Place in front of a locally renowned coffee shop/café/bar called St Ali’s. Decks at one end of the narrow lane, big speakers, grafitti boys, spraying up big pieces, using scaffolding and everything, on the walls, skaters doing tricks down the other end, and a wide variety of fixed bikes, being wheeled, or locked up around the place. A veritable cornucopia of the young and fashionable, drinking beer, and chatting and doing a bit of dancing, and drinking more beer. Which I have come to realize was actually cheap for Melbourne, which is why so many were drinking so much.

So I’m leaning on the Bridgestone watching an artist put up a piece, nodding my head to the tunes, when a couple comes up and the young lady compliments me on the Bridgestone, I tell her it isn’t mine, but my friends’ I’m just looking after it for the day, nervously riding with clips and straps for the first time in years, trying to make sure I don’t fall off and chip the paintwork, ding the frame etc, etc.  Sexy bikes are a blessing and a curse.

So anyway the girl Caitlin, and her boy, Daniele and I get chatting and I get introduced to a whole load of cool people, a couple of whom work for a promotions outfit/agency called the Phat Kids, some of whose DJ’s are playing at the party, and whose next big hip hop show is unfortunately after I leave Melbourne.

So we hang out, we drink, we dance to some tunes and I have a great time, and I couldn’t have done it without the Bridgestone!

Find below photo’s of the finished grafitti, I didn’t have my camera with me at the time, so photo’s of the people aren’t available. Reminder to self, carry camera with you at all times..

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