Anagrams a go-go

In ozstraylia, writing on February 22, 2010 at 9:05 am




So I  succeeded in making a nine letter word out of the words above can you guess what it is yet? A prize for the person/s who can also make a nine letter word out of those letters, and whoever makes the same word as I did, hopefully they are the same.

Won a free coffee, I’ll make sure your prize is better than that, and manager of bar seemed rather surprised that I’d come up with a word that contained all the letters, so was I actually, it helped pass the time waiting for the thunderstorm to pass.

They get proper big droplets of rain here, swollen, rotund, fecund, corpulent, rubenesque raindrops. Raindrops that smack you upside of the head and face when you raise your eyes to the sky, heavy hitting raindrops. Cooling the air raindrops.

Tried to sit out the storm and avoid getting soaked to the skin but couldn’t do it. Had to get somewhere and braved the slowing but still persistent downpour. Got a soaking wet, should have put on the mudguard arse, and before you ask I do have one just didn’t figure on the rain, raining for most of the day so didn’t fit it, also the aesthete in me doesn’t like the look of bikes with mudguards so I prefer to be without.

But riding in the rain isn’t too bad here, you still get wet but it feels like a wetter version of sweating profusely, ad even as your top dampens, you know once you stop cycling and get under covers the heat will dry everything out in half an hour or so.

But standing around for that half an hour waiting for your soggy arse to dry out isn’t the nicest feeling in the world.

One good thing about Australia in the wet is because of the big permanent awnings they have on the main shopping streets is that you can walk along out of the rain, ad stay relatively dry, until you need to cross the road or there’s a break in the continuous awning for an old building, which is pretty cool…

Just hoping the rains done for the evening so I don’t get a soggy arse on the way back south from Carlton.

  1. Scruffier

    Get. In.

    Mwah! Mwah!

  2. well done that man, that was quick!
    email me your address and I’ll post you a pressie when I hit sydney

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