In out and about, ozstraylia on February 21, 2010 at 2:03 am

So a couple of quick notes on Oz, flying over on quantas they play channel nine news, and it seems like a local news show, no comment on what’s going on in the rest of the world, just bits on celebs, news affecting Australians and sport, feels very parochial, inward looking.

Met up with Tim for a drink before he and girlfriend do a roadtrip upto Sydney, met in the gin palace and had a couple with them and his friends one of whom made a pom comment, now I’ve never felt particularly English, unless I’m supporting a sports team, and I’ve always liked to think of myself as being more European than English, and probably my only issue with Australia is their treatment of the aboriginals and how this echoes on down through to today. But from, admittedly, this one brief, drunken, on his part, conversation it seemed abundantly clear that Australians still have a chip about the UK/England/Britain whereas we couldn’t care less, equate it to how Manchester/Liverpool/Birmingham think and act about London and the capital’s resolute disinterest in engaging with the discussion as they are better and there’s no need to worry about anything.

Australia’s been around for a while now and it seems it’s cultures predilection to stick two fingers up at the old colonial masters is stopping it from engaging with the peoples and cultures right on it’s doorstep, in anything but a commercial trading sense. As they export truckloads of stuff to Japan and China.

Lots of classic cars out here, they have the weather for it and aren’t afraid to roll around in their pristine ’67 mustang, or ’72 merc, if I was more into cars I’d be quite excited.

Weather here is hot 30 degrees on the regular, I really need to remember to drink loads of water, especially if I’m going to drink any alcohol during the day as well.

Wouldn’t you know it, the footwear that I bought out thinking that they wouldn’t give me any trouble in my travels immediately give me blisters, such is life eh, and thank god for savlon

  1. yes they do, a MASSIVE chip…New Zealanders on the other hand couldn’t give a crap…I always equate Oz to the US and NZ to canada, similar attitudes

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