Tiny little baby feets

In japan on February 17, 2010 at 2:19 pm

The Japanese are either stamping or dragging their feet. This annoys me no end. I have issues with that sort of thing. I was told you never dragged your feet, or you’d wear out your shoes, and mum didn’t have the time, inclination or the money to keep buying me shoes, because I couldn’t be bothered to raise my foot off the floor. This information was often punctuated by a cuff round the ear. So I learnt early on to lift my foot and not drag them around. But everyone in Japan seems to do it, maybe it’s the cultural habit of wearing slippers, and if you lift your foot to high, then the slippers come off, but it grates on me. I just want to grab them and shake them and tell them to lift up your foot, be light on your feet. Its another of the reasons why I hate Ugg Boots, and the Japanese girls seem to Luuuurve their Uggs.

And another thing I’ve noticed is the amount of (bad, my interpretation) feet/legs, knock knees, toes turned in, pigeon toes, bow legs, does the leftover cultural residue of the geisha and bound feet mean that the Japanese don’t have an issue with these things? Or is it a case of they have more important beautification issues to sort and crooked legs and feet don’t rate that high.

Answers on a postcard please..

  1. Corny, the Japanese-girl floppy foot thing bugs me, too. Another thing that bugs me is your blog layout. It freaks me out! Sorry, dude. But I still like reading it!

    • what upsetting you about the blog layout, if the column look is a bit difficult to read, just hit archives and scroll down through the one big page look.

      glad to know I’m not the only one who finds the japanese foot/leg thing weird..

  2. yah, I just figured that out now (archives) and am going to view it that way from now on.

    totally, they just slap their feet down and it’s so weird! once I noticed it on one, I noticed they all did it! haven’t paid attention to the dudes, though, do they do it, too? also, have you bought socks? oh wait, you’re out of Japan now.

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