Spotted in Japan

In all about the ride, bike, japan on February 17, 2010 at 2:35 pm

If you don’t like photo’s of bikes you may want to skip this post. As below is a selection of bikes I saw in Japan, which I felt the need to photograph because they were lovely, interesting, or just plain weird.

As a note there are lots of off the pegs (fully built bikes from a manufacturer, that you can buy in a shop and ride away on) out there and mostly the Japanese will ride Bianchi’s in weird colours, pinks, blues, that we don’t get the choice of over here in the west. But they will also ride Gorilla’s, Pake’s, Volume’s, and even Charge’s. The fixed thing is big here and most just want a bike they can afford, and ride straight away. Rather than spending twice as much as a whole bike on a really nice Keirin frame, and then the same again on parts to get it rolling.

So I present for your viewing pleasure Spotted in Japan, well really spotted in Tokyo, Osaka, and nothing at all from Kyoto.

If you want to, and aren’t all bike spotted out there are more photo’s on the Flickr




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