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Drunk in Japan

In eat drink man woman, japan, travelling on February 11, 2010 at 12:44 am

You go travelling, you meet up with people in hostels, eight to a room, grabbing the top bunk like your back at camp, nine with no fears, similar age, similar/dissimilar interests, you share the bare bones of who you are, or you undress your inner self and let it all hang out, you make friends, you make enemies, you become lovers, you have one night stands, you view the dorm as an arena and go sport fucking, you have awkward goodbyes, you add them as facebook friends, you never contact them again, you crash at theirs when you hit their home city.

You go out and get drunk together in this strange new city, because your young and magical things happen when you do. Life slips past quicker/smoother/happier/brighter/better, and your new best “friends” will look out for you, make sure you get home safe, and your having a whale of a time. Because you are quicker/smoother/happier/brighter/better, even as you shout loudly on the quiet metro, because you’ve drunk too much whilst playing kill your liver, and now your dying for a piss, and if you don’t piss your bladder will burst, and you’ll need to have a catheter inserted and will have to piss into a bag for the rest of your days, you try and stay awake on the metro, but are defeated by languor and fall asleep missing your stop and have to walk home through a part of town that your map doesn’t cover. Spend too much money on shit alcohol to keep the buzz going, spend too much money in general, lose your “friends”, lose your watch, lose your memory of what just happened, lose what you just ate, lose the next morning.

Photo’s never lie though, they prove you had a great time.

And we did.