finding nemo

In Uncategorized on January 31, 2010 at 2:07 pm

So after the trauma of getting there, here’s what I thought about Osaka aquarium….

It’s brilliant, I feel like a small child in it’s presence wanting to press my face up close to the glass and stare in wonder at the specimens contained within. Which is what I do, for what seems like the longest time.

To begin with, Osaka aquarium is huge, you go up an escalator and then spend the rest of your time descending, through the various levels of aquatic life, walking through seperate aquariums which hold, fishy life from all over, furry, scaled, blubberfied.

It is like being in Finding Nemo, and I find myself captivated by the shimmering blue light which beams out at you and covers you up. Wrapped up in it’s warm embrace. I could happily stay here and watch the two whale sharks roam around their tank, I suppose it would be too much to ask to get a huge fish tank as a present, I have no idea what they cost but I’d love one, the huge fish tank, rather than a whale shark, even I know it’d be too big to fit in my house. What would it be like to watch the soothing swirls of fish before you went to bed.

I have seen some huge fish here. I mean huge fish, fish as big as you or I, fish so big they make a mockery of the fish I thought I knew. The shoals of fish following the whale shark as it barely moves it’s tail to get from one side of its tank to the other. And there were dolphins, eternally happy, vivacious dolphins. Dolphins that poked their heads out of water, that tried to drink falling water, that leapt out of the water to head a red ball suspended over the tank. And there were otters, small ones and bigger sea going ones, all with their cute faces and humanlike paws.

The shrill ahhh’s and shrieks of the Japanese girls letting you know that they are too adorable for words. Has ever a language been more suited to expressions of childlike wordless joy than japanese. Will try and do some scuba diving when I’m in Australia or maybe when I go to Thailand,  this experience makes me want to go and be in their habitat rather than this man made one. What is it? 70% of the earths surface is water and when seeing this kind of massive diversity you wonder why we as a species ever left it. What was so powerful about the draw of land, that made those ancient evolutionary ancestors drag themselves onto the muddy banks of anywhere, and try to survive out of the water.

  1. Ha, when i was in the Sydney Aquarium i was scared to walk through the tube in the tank where the sharks were…you really do get close. Awesome

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