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I was going to keep an Araki like journal of my eating habits and take a photo of everything I ate, but I’ve been remiss lately, as when the food arrives I’m hungry and just head straight in rather than recording the moment for posterity, so there aren’t as many photo’s of food as I would like, or the people serving me the food for that matter. You know what its like you get a new diary for the new year, and you get all eager about making sure your organised and you use it and use it and use it, for the first four or five months and then for some reason you stop using it, or you use it less, until your not using it at all. Well thats what my vow to be Araki like, is like, except I stopped taking photo’s after the first week or so. But I promise to do better, really, cross my heart.
So the food in Japan’s been really good, even the takeout stuff that you get in family mart, especially loving the corner bento box places that do rice, some sort of tempura or curry and gyoza, with lots of different variations, not that expensive but tasty tasty.

One of the things I love is the window displays, where you get the plastic food on show. I love, love, love that. They are fucking amazing, I really want to be able to drag the staff out the front of the eaterie and show them what I want by pointing at the plastic versions of their food. “want that ONE!”
Had some really good sushi here as well, though you wouldn’t expect anything less would you, had some in a place round the corner from Yakitori Alley which is close to Ginza, a row of food places, designed to feed and water the salarymen and women who pile through on their way to get a train back to their homes. It was lovely, nice interior, great fresh sushi, got a “we don’t speak english from the chef”, but as is always the case, his english was better than my japanese, and then a startled young girl was dragged from upstairs to speak to me, even though her english seemed to be worse than the chefs, and I was working from the see image, point, “want that one” school of ordering. I got the sushi selection and some yakitori. It is amazing what they can cook over here, no piece of the bird is wasted.

I also had some good sushi in Osaka, in a place by Juso station, which was pointed out by a forumenger, Pete whose teaching english over here and is staying out in Kobe. He said they had an english menu, which when I went in they couldn’t find, but they were friendly enough, and the whole point at food picture on the menu worked a treat, and the sushi was excellent, was trying to try different sushi’s from what I would normally go for, and I had a vague idea of what each one was, it was just try and find the ones which weren’t squid or octopus. Almost like Sushi roulette.

and last but definitely not least went to a noodle place in Shibuya, I was taken there by a friends brother whose been in Tokyo for the last couple of years. Down some stairs to a basement kitchen. Machine at the front where you push buttons for the food that you want, which is basically noodles, and meat, take the tickets, wait for a seat to become available, which you can see on a board up on the wall, kanji light up as a seat is vacated, and walk through to a long run of one person booths, which face onto a curtained area, where the staff work and walk along behind. You can’t see them, they serve you through the curtain, and give you a little sheet to decide how you want the noodles, special sauce, deeper flavour, extra garlic, and then they bring it to you, sweep it through the curtain and you have some of the tastiest ramen you can eat. If you want you can order extra noodles as well.

Food is fuel, but its better when the fuel actually tastes good.

  1. I love those noodle places, absolute magic. Am getting seriously homesick for Japan, anyone would think that I cam from there!
    So glad you’re enjoying it. What a great place to start and a hard place to leave.

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