In japan, travelling on January 21, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Just got off the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Osaka, and it was Suuuuweeeet. No hassle, the train was wicked fast and all I did was sit back, read comics (kick ass, does indeed kick ass) and watch the world go by so quickly it dazzled me. Japan’s countryside is a mish mash of ordered, spaces, factories, and then the most amazing mountains and hills forging up just over yonder, mist and clouds enveloping the peaks. Lots of corporate buildings as you rush through the countryside, saw this huge Sanyo built solar bloc, thing was huge, just sticking out of the woodland have no idea what it does, I’m assuming its a solar powered thing, but why?

You rush through the countryside at a rate of knots, and you can see the view moving past but it doesn’t feel like your moving fast, its like in the train your existing outside of time. It doesn’t wobble, it doesn’t creak, it doesn’t do anything but move quickly and quietly. The trains don’t wait that long at stations, less than five mins, and they are off again. So if you’ve got to maneuver lots of luggage you got to step lively. I was lucky that my stop Shin-Osaka was the end of the line, so there wasn’t any fear of leaving bike or clothes on the train whilst it whistled off into the distance.

Got me an all japan rail pass, so I’ll be heading out to kyoto, and maybe kobe, and will be doing Himeji castle which isn’t that far away from here.

Long live the Shinkansen

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