Tokyo oh Tokyo

In japan, travelling on January 18, 2010 at 4:51 pm

Starting to feel at home here, it wasn’t that immediate love that I have for Barcelona or Berlin, but it’s growing on me, I think it’s the way the city glows at night, all the bright neon signs hung along the height of the buildings, riding through Ginza, their Oxford St and Regent St and New Bond St combined. One long thoroughfare to conspicuous consumption, so be-sparkled and twinkling a feast for the eyes, you can’t help but be dazzled by it, the city, and its eager desire to show itself off to you.
I haven’t done much exploring of the side streets and some of the recommended areas like shimo kitazawa or shibuya, or even shinjuku, but I will do. It feels very familiar as I was hoping every city I traveled to would, don’t get me wrong, there is an immense feeling of dislocation and this is someplace I’ve never been to before, and it sure doesn’t feel the same as Stockholm or berlin or Paris, but it has that big city, cultural capital if not capital capital feel, that having grown up in London I immediately sense and feel comfortable with. Big Cities are where I feel most comfortable, the rhythms of them, the ebb and flow of people, and place, the creeping gentrification, the down at heel, the merging of areas, as two places become one, the demarcation of one neighbourhood from another, finding a niche in there that feels similar, but still distinct enough to mark this out as a place you’ve never been to.
Tokyo is an assault on the senses particularly the eyes with every street, building, person calling on you to examine them, to look at them, to really see them, it is an assault I’m quickly growing used to (even though I’ve only been here three days) and finding that I am actually starting to enjoy

Side note, stopped at some lights today as I was in my way to ryogoku and looked up into the darkening dusk sky and saw a lone star, a quarter moon, and the clouds spread thin and wispy like a giants fingerprint.

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