Loving this flight more and more

In eat drink man woman, travelling on January 17, 2010 at 5:21 pm

Just about to tuck into a seafood pot noodle, get in! The smell of it wafting down the cabin was too good to ignore. Fuck Ryanscsare and Sleazyjet, fly with a proper airline, he drinks keep coming, the foods not bad, haven’t tried the pot noodle yet so can’t comment on that, but I’m willing to give it a big thumbs up on the smell alone, also I’ve never eaten pot noodle with chopsticks so that side of it should be interesting.
Side note, there’s a little girl about three of four who keeps running up and down the cabin, not shouting or screaming just energy needing to be expended, she’s watching Pixar’s up in as haphazard a manner as I’ve ever seen, standing on her seat headphones on (why do airlines have such shit headphones? Probably something to do with cost effectiveness, bulk buying and the fact that travellers steal anything that isn’t nailed down) but I digress, she watches like ten maybe fifteen mins before she’s off again god knows where you can only walk up and down in a straight line, as they say on facebook LIKE!

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