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Loving this flight more and more

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Just about to tuck into a seafood pot noodle, get in! The smell of it wafting down the cabin was too good to ignore. Fuck Ryanscsare and Sleazyjet, fly with a proper airline, he drinks keep coming, the foods not bad, haven’t tried the pot noodle yet so can’t comment on that, but I’m willing to give it a big thumbs up on the smell alone, also I’ve never eaten pot noodle with chopsticks so that side of it should be interesting.
Side note, there’s a little girl about three of four who keeps running up and down the cabin, not shouting or screaming just energy needing to be expended, she’s watching Pixar’s up in as haphazard a manner as I’ve ever seen, standing on her seat headphones on (why do airlines have such shit headphones? Probably something to do with cost effectiveness, bulk buying and the fact that travellers steal anything that isn’t nailed down) but I digress, she watches like ten maybe fifteen mins before she’s off again god knows where you can only walk up and down in a straight line, as they say on facebook LIKE!

Getting There

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Flying to Japan and the planes hot like a motherfucker, think I’ve slept for two maybe three hours, though I may have napped and not known it, just that snap of the neck as you groggily look up and wonder how much of the film you missed.
So far I’ve watched Funny People, (alright but Adam Sandler got thick in a hurry, middle aged spread and all that, and Seth Rogan got thin, Hollywood spreads it’s tenacious weight claws again)
But i’m writing this to talk about 500 days of summer, great really smart romantic comedy, interesting boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy realises there is never just THE ONE, but many potential ones, it just depends on where you are and where they are story.
Everyone wants to love and in turn be loved and though we may deny it, and our parents may fuck up how we respond to people that never goes away and 500 days of summer encapsulates that feeling.
Slightly prescient that I’m listening to Sharon jones and the dap kings – all over again. The chorus goes “I feel like I’m falling in love all over again”. Much better than the Kate Nash drivel which spills out of 500 days of summer, this error in musical judgement is offset by some other rock tracks, the names of which escape me, or which I never jailed in the first place.
The smiths and the beatles and belle and sebastien play a large musical role in the film and whilst watching was trying to think of the black musical equivalent, and on another note, why hasn’t anyone done a biopic of Betty Davis, inspiration for Bitches Brew, probably the reason Miles went electric, supposedly had an affair with Jimi Hendrix, her fourth and best album unreleased for thirty odd years, former model and muse and she wrote and sang anti love song, a song for the motherfucking win….
Gonna dive into the September issue, remember joe slain giving Anna Wintour the big thumbs up on the book of face and I’ve still got four and a half hours to burn, maybe more before we touchdown (that reminds me I’m missing the playoff’s – NFL – for the first time in a long time) in Tokyo.
I’m still debating how open to make this blog, connection, window on my travelling world, you never know who might be reading.


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I’m in tomorrow even though London is still today i’m eight hours ahead of you and it feels completely normal.
Worried about lugging the bike bag around with it’s busted strap, really just want to build the bike up and fold the bagĀ  into a bundle as small as possible and just push the bike along, with my arm being so weak at the moment getting the rucksack on, more than off is a challenge which makes me look fairly awkward, morning exercises here we come. If I do nothing else apart from ride, build up upper body strength and write on this journey I’ll be happy.

Okay that’s a lie, that’s the bare minimum that’s required on this journey, if I don’t see a shitload of everything I will be disappointed.

Leaving South London

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The axiom buy cheap buy twice sprang to mind as I dragged the just broken bike bag down the street to the tube station. The fucker was overweight 31 kilos, which probably put paid to it, so I’m gonna have to buy another one In Japan, or at least a strap so I can move the bike around. Not an auspicious start to travelling with a bike, gonna have to lighten the load, probably in oz. It’ll be alright though just remember these three words in this order improvise, Adapt, Overcome. The marines know their shit, right now I’m thinking of making a strap out of some string and bungee cords. Pretty sure it’ll fuck itself up but you got to try. Anyone know any good bike bag sellers in Tokyo?
Writng this on the iPhone and really want to pull out the laptop and write huge missives.
Feel like I need to document everything, if i dont it didn’t happen. Never been on a night flight apart from I think my first to Barbados when I was like six, remember being amazed by how big the wheels were, so much bigger than little young me, think I’ve been in love with flying ever since.
Speaking of big things. Before I left the country I got to hold the hand of one felix atticus pippin (I’m welling up already, and I’m hoping these constant tear filled moments don’t continue every time I think of the friends I left behind) but back to the point in hand, I didn’t so much as hold his hand as his tiny tiny long nailed fingers grasped the very end of my forefinger. So small and yet so strong already, so much fight in him, I’m looking forward to making his acquaintance when I get back.