First and Last

In bike, travelling on January 10, 2010 at 10:23 am

Was out last night in the cold, and the small snow flurries, avoiding the ice, and the slush, with forty other hardy souls, doing the eighth edition of the LFGSS bridges ride.

Details here..

The purpose to ride over ever bridge in london from Tower Bridge to Kew Bridge. This time we did it west to east. And as always it was immense fun. Despite the forecasts of big snow storms, which failed to materialise. The joy of riding round with forty odd other cyclists is difficult to describe. I’m a writer so I suppose I’ve got to find the words, but it’s just so freeing, it harks back to that feeling of community when you were eight and on your bike and all your mates had bikes and you’d just ride for the hell of it, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always moving, always seeing something new, getting outside of the space/area you usually inhabited.

There’s something really special about riding like this, despite the weather, or the lateness of the hour, to know that you are connected to like-minded individuals who’ve come out specially for that feeling as well. Cycling alone, picking your own path and going at your own speed is the norm, but when you get into a group things change and you get to share the happiness which cycling imbues you with, directly with others.

Probably rambling because this bridges ride is my first forum ride of 2010 and will be my last until 2011. Bittersweet. But hoping in my travels I’ll get to ride in some groups and chat shit as you do, chat about anything and everything, whilst pedalling casually along.

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