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One Week Til The Great Escape Starts

In eat drink man woman, leaving on January 7, 2010 at 8:57 am

Just finished putting the last of my  stuff into storage, the paid for kind.

The unpaid for kind (thanks to the kindness of good friends with garages, basements, attics and wide open front rooms) will be done on wednesday. Then two nights sleep under a thin blankie on the sofa and its off to see the bits of the world which have captured my imagination since I was a teen. Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, The West Coast of the States, Vancouver, New York, then seeing the family in the West Indies, before heading back to Blighty for a passport stopover and a quick departure to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Thirty odd years of stuff, cd’s, books, hifi, photo’s, prints, clothes, shoes, old school reports, love letters from ex’s. Shit you thought you’d thrown out, but which magically reappears from the back of the cupboard. So much stuff to tell the story of a life, yet it fits into so small a space. Its amazing how much you can pack into 50 sq feet, when you have no other choice, and it probably only amazes you because you’re the only soul whose seen what was once spread across a three bed flat, placed into boxes and tetrised into a storage container. There will be much seperating of wheat from chaff when I return.

But for the time being its time to sit back and try to forget the ever present butterflies that flutter in the gut, reminding me that the city I’ve called home for most of my adult life won’t have me in it for at least a year. Will it miss me? Will I miss it? Will I want to return? and if I do return will I want to leave as soon as I get back?

The questions sit unanswered and I’m not really that tired, just a bit subdued. Time for a bath and garlic and chili prawns me thinks.